Michigan Golf Packages: Guide to MI Golf Vacations and Courses

Michigan Golf Packages is a city by city guide to MI golf vacations and Michigan golf courses. If you're looking to set up a MI golf resort vacation, weekend golf getaway, or stay-n-play package with a hotel and nearby courses, Michigan Golf Packages will provide the options available in the city or area you are interested in traveling to. Simply choose a general MI golf destination and then narrow Michigan golf vacation packages by city. At that point you can view MI golf travel packages by resort, course, or hotel. There are three main ways to utilize this site:

Top Rated Michigan Golf Courses - Top rated Michigan golf courses are outlined including golf resort and hotel info, golf package offerings, and course details. Set up a golf travel deal with a top rated golf course in Michigan. See the first link on the navigation menu located along the left-hand side of this page.
Michigan Golf Packages By Area and then City - Use the left-hand navigation menu to choose a Michigan golf destination by general area. Then select a city and view the MI golf packages and courses available including resort and hotel information, golf package offerings, and course details. Set up a stay and play deal with one or more golf courses.

More Michigan Golf Packages by City - Click "More Michigan Golf" along the left-hand menu to view cities and courses not listed in any other section of this site. You will find a list of MI golf trips and courses by city including resort and hotel details, golf trip offerings, and course information. Find golf deals in Michigan and set up a stay and play package with one or more golf courses.

If you'd like to stay up to date on the latest golf travel deals in Michigan and throughout the US then consider subscribing to the Michigan Golf Blog or our monthly newsletter which are both run through Michigan Golf Packages' parent site Golf-Travel-Deals.com. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions/comments about MI golf packages or golf travel deals in general. Thanks for visiting and best of luck in your quest to get a great deal on Michigan golf vacation packages.

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Michigan Golf Packages
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